T3 BioScience

T3 BioScience's Mission

“Saving Lives from Antibiotic Resistance –
by Making the Use of Antibiotics in Agriculture Obselete”

T3 BioScience, Inc. (“T3”) is an innovative biotech company, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are focused on the agricultural sector of bacterial and fungal crop protection.
It is our objective is to improve global food supplies by replacing the use of clinical antibiotics with equally efficient and stable biocontrol agents.
T3 is owned by private investors and two NPOs (UWM Research Foundation and Duke Philanthropies).

T3’s mission was shaped by a very personal experience of Dr. Ching-Hong Yang, T3’s founder. Dr. Yang’s father suffered from antibiotic resistance.
This event triggered Dr. Yang to establish his own company in 2012, with the UWM- Research Foundation and Duke Philanthropies and a first angel investor, the late David Hong, being his supporters from the start.
Over the next 10 years, Dr. Yang invested his career and time to fight antibiotic resistance and developed a unique proprietary methodology (“PROMISA”) that isolates novel bacteria from nature.

These novel bacteria are developing into commercial products.

They will contribute to human society and have the objective to revolutionize the market segment of crop protection whilst amply rewarding T3’s investors trust in T3 financially and emotionally.