T3 BioScience

Novel Antibiotics

The search of novel antibiotics is T3 BioScience’s primary objective to fight resistance against what is generally known as Superbugs.  “Superbugs” is the colloquial description for drug-resistant, human killing microbes that modern medicine struggles to combat. It describes in principle a bacteria that resists multiple antibiotics. Many Superbugs exist.

T3 BioScience is focused on fighting two Superbugs, or more exactly two pathogens that have a high potential to kill humans when infected:

MRSA – the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or Staph), which has tremendous capacity to defend itself against antibiotics used to fight MRSA; and

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) – a pathogen that can cause infecdtions, resistant to nearly all kind of antibiotics. It is the most common disease causing species.

T3 focuses addressing resistance of two pathogens that are the cause of many deaths resulting from antibiotic resistance.

How Antibiotic Resistance Occurs
Inappropriate antibiotic use in human medicine and intensive agricultural production has led to increases in microbial resistance.  In the past decades, major pharmaceutical companies have sharply decreased efforts for research & development for new antibiotics and antimicrobials.

The greatest concern about antibiotic use on plants is that by spraying antibiotics in the open environment may increase the risk of antibiotic resistant genes finding their way into medically important bacteria, lead to human pathogen resistance.

What is T3’s R&D Process for discovering novel antibiotics?
Over the last decade, T3 BioScience has developed its own proprietary methodology to isolate novel bacteria from nature.  T3 calls this methodology PROMISA.  We believe that our proprietary methodology is capable to attract from nature novel bacteria different to standard industry methodology, hence increasing T3 BioScience’s opportunities to discover a novel bacteria with the potency to effectively fight above two pathogens and eventually become a commercially available novel bacteria.
To-date, T3 is in an R&D phase, with our scientists extracting month-per-months hundreds of bacteria from nature. We believe that our quest eventually will bear results and that our laboratory has the skills and capacity to achieve the Company’s mission statement.