T3 BioScience


PROMISA - Over the last decade, Dr. Ching-Hong Yang has developed his proprietary methodology to extract novel bacteria from soil. The acronym stands for PROprietary Methodology for ISol Ation from the environment. T3 Bioscience's proprietary methodology is utilized for isolating and identifying new potent bacteria from the environment and that are suitable for becoming novel and highly potent agricultural treatments in crop protection.

Success Factors

  1. The bacteria that can be grown in the standard media represent only a small fraction (~1%) of the total variety living in nature. The conventional agriculture and pharma industry taps into this standard 1% of available bacteria;
  2. PROMISA, however, taps into the remaining ~99% of nature’s bacteria, by T3 Bioscience’s undisclosed trapping methods and natural media (nutrient) of attracting bacteria in nature from soil and insects.
  3. PROMISA has been developed and improved over a decade and, since 2018, is at the stage of being effectively used in T3Bioscience’s R&D.
  4. Hence, from 44,000+ bacteria screened and isolated since Jan-16, several highly potent candidates have been discovered by use of the final version of PROMISA’s starting in mid-2018. Of these discoveries, RejuAgro is so far the most advanced product candidate for use in agriculture.

Big industry players as Competition?

  1. Traditional agriculture and pharma industry uses traditional media (nutrients) to identify a limited group of bacteria and will continue to do so.
  2. Bacteria identification, being extremely tedious and time consuming creates high R&D costs for traditional large industry players.

T3 under the innovative guidance and management of Dr. Yang consists of team of specialist scientists and Ph.D. students of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This team operates out of a highly sophisticated university science infrastructure and with a passion for fundamental R&D that is unlikely to be seen in company employees working in big infrastructures. PROMISA is being put to use by a highly professional and motivated team. It is the stepping stone for T3’s success for discovering novel organisms from the environment with commercial potential.