Become a Ground Breaker Today

If you are a US resident, why not registering today and become a GROUND BREAKER by sending us 500 grams of soil from your garden or neighborhood?

With a simple contribution of soil from your garden you could help making our world and the world of our children and grandchildren a safer place. Your one-time soil sample might contain bacteria that in a few years from now might become a new antibiotic saving human lives or become a natural treatment for farmers protecting their crop without using antibiotics or chemical substances to spray. Your contribution represents a first stepping stone for our scientists to isolate novel bacteria out of the soil coming from your garden or backyard. Your soil sample represents a very first step of many to follow that are being undertaken by our passionate researchers, in the quest of developing novel antibiotics from nature that will one day save human lives.

Our Ground Breaker Clip explains the background of antibiotic resistance and what we would expect from you as a ground breaker. Your contribution would be a simple but important part in the chain of creating novel medicaments and agricultural treatments from nature.

How to become a ground breaker?

Register right here on our website and study our educational and instructional Ground Breaker Clip, which will explain what you would have to do. After registration, we will send you a small ground breaker toolkit including a prepaid postage, a box for your sample and return address label for sending your soil sample to T3 BioScience in Milwaukee.

Once having received the toolkit, simply dig a small hole in your garden or backyard and return as soon as possible 500 grams of your fresh local soil. As simple as that.

T3 BioScience is looking for 10 fresh soil samples per month. In return a small thank you present will find your mailbox, after T3 having received your requested soil sample.

Who are we?

T3 BioScience LLC is a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee startup that is privately held and is supported by two foundations. It is our declared mission statement to save lives from antibiotic resistance, through researching and developing novel antibiotics and natural treatments used by farmers for their crop protection, to avoid the use of antibiotics in agriculture that contribute to human resistance.

Become a Ground Breaker Today