Corporate Governance

Fair Dealing and Asset Protection

It is at all times of T3 BioScience’s business ethics to conduct its business and scientific research with honesty, transparency and fair competition.   T3 BioScience does not endeavor to win advantages through any illegal act or unethical activities or practices. Therefore, Employees shall at all times adhere to these principles and deal fairly with other members of the Company, business partners, customers, suppliers and other external parties and individuals that might conduct business or research activities with T3 BioScience.  Therefore Employees shall not conceal, abuse, manipulate, misinterpret facts and situations to unfairly gain advantage, in any kind, over the any other party, being it a legal entity or an individual.

Further to above, Employees shall protect and make efficient use of the Company’s assets at all times and all of T3 BioScience’s assets shall only be used for legitimate business activities.