T3 BioScience

Dr. Ching-Hong Yang's Story

Dr. Ching-Hong Yang’s personal story has been the impetus for his research in discovering novel antibiotics and in establishing T3 BioScience.

Some years back his father was hospitalized with pneumonia and, at the hospital, he got infected with a Superbug.  Dr. Yang’s father’s infection did not respond to the antibiotic given by his doctors to fight the infection.

Neither did the next antibiotic …. – Neither did the next…. and the next…. 

It was only the very last available antibiotic to which his bacterial infection was not resistant to that eventually saved his life. 
This personal experience became Ching-Hong’s key motivation to fight antibiotic resistance in humans and saving lives by means of researching and discovering novel antibiotics, as well as breaking human antibiotic resistance through other means, like reducing use of antibiotics in agriculture. 
For Dr. Yang, it was not only about being an outstanding scientist in a university laboratory.  It was also about taking ownership and entrepreneurial responsibility to eventually have his research leave his laboratory, and one day, reach patients around the world in form of a commercially available, live-saving drug.

Hence T3 Bioscience.