Corporate Governance

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

T3 BioScience has adopted the following standards as its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Overall, T3 BioScience promotes its employees for an open and positive working environment and acknowledges, appreciates and rewards individual’s honesty, integrity, high quality of work, teamwork, persistence, creativity, diligence and focus in achieving the Company’s mission statement of “saving lives from antibiotic resistance”.   

  • Act with and cultivate honesty and integrity –  as part of its corporate culture for both, its scientific research and its commercial business activities and with all its employees regardless of gender, faith, origin and rank, as well as with its external partners, clients, investors & any other third party, including fair and constructive dealings with all parties.
  • Promote ethical handling of any conflict interests, if arising, between personal, commercial and financial interests and our responsibility to T3 BioScience and its investors.
  • Promote an open corporate culture, encouraging T3 BioScience’s staff for feedback, ideas, improvements with regards to science and business, as well as internal reporting of violations of its Code of Business Conduct & Ethics to an appropriate person.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations, including labor laws.
  • Make full, accurate fair and timely disclosures that are understandable in all reporting, documentation and communication with shareholders, the public, the government authorities and/or their agencies.
  • Senior managers, legal directors and board members shall act on good faith, with responsibility and due care, with diligence and competence, without misinterpreting material facts that would allow impairment of their independent fair judgment.
  • Respect confidentiality of information acquired in the course of work, unless in the public domain or otherwise legally obtained or legally obliged to disclose.  Such confidential information shall not be used for any individual’s personal advantage.
  • Ensure T3 BioScience’s investors and shareholders best interests and comply to all laws, rules of operating agreement, relevant to its investors and shareholders.
  • Protect and ensure T3 BioScience’s legitimate business interests and its responsible control and use of all its assets and resources, and ensure at all times that any of T3 BioScience’s assets or information are not being pursued and/or used for personal opportunities or gain or for any unlawful purpose by any of its employees, business partners and investors.
  • Promote and ensure that all T3 BioScience’s employees, including all executives, directors, board members, senior managers and scientists and junior employees and scientists comply with this Code of Business Conduct & Ethics at all times, not only with the letter, but with the spirit of these clauses.
    • All directors, officers and employees of T3 BioScience, therefore, are expected to be familiar with this code of conduct and shall adhere to those principles and procedures set forth, where applicable to their roles, responsibilities and duties in T3 BioScience.
  • Any changes to this Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and any explicit or implicit waiver from it shall only be made with the approval of the Board of T3 BioScience.  Violations may subject violating directors, managers and/or employees to disciplinary action, including, if justified, termination of employment.
  • Each year, in T3 BioScience’s annual report, the CEO shall certify compliance during the reporting period, to the clauses of this Code of Business Conduct & Ethics in good faith and to his best knowledge of the Firm’s and the employee’s activities and adherence to these codes, including the CEO himself. 

For questions or other purposes of T3 BioScience’s Business Conduct & Ethics code, any individual can approach either the CEO and/or the Chief Science Officer (CSO), or any Board Member.  CEO & CSO are representing the Human Resources, until the Company has the appropriate size to appoint a specific Human Resources Director.