T3 BioScience

T3 Protect

T3 Protect - a novel, environmentally friendly, non-antibiotic treatment, is fighting fire blight disease on apples and pears. The pathogen Erwinia amylovora causing the devastating fire blight disease has been around for more than 100 years and has been spreading across the world, with only Asia having been spared in the past. However, some Asian countries have recently confirmed the arrival of the disease. Despite fire blight being around for more than a century, no efficient treatment, other than antibiotics, has been discovered. With the pathogen becoming increasingly resistant to applied antibiotics the need for a novel treatment is becoming increasingly imminent.

T3 Protect represents a unique biopesticide that is environmentally friendly and non-antibiotic. During independent field tests T3 Protect has shown same efficacy level at par with the most efficient commercial antibiotics currently available in the market.

Status - a formulated product version of T3 Protect is entering its 4th independent field tests in five different US states in 2018. The product is targeted for US EPA approval by late 2020.