T3 BioScience


T3 BioSafe is a bio product and is complementary to T3 Protect. It is a biocontrol agent that also addresses the need to fight fire blight in apples and pears. It is the intent to have T3 BioSafe being utilized by organic farmers, a fast, double digit growing segment globally, which currently does not have effective means to fight fire blight disease. Currently this market segment has no access to highly effective biocontrol agents and it is the objective that T3 BioSafe will respond to this need. T3 BioSafe's attractiveness is increased by the fact that the compound was isolated from nature in an apple orchard and successfully tested in the US' North East, a geographical part that is notorious of not being effective for biocontrol agents.

Status: T3 BioSafe will enter its 2nd year field tests and for the first time as a formulated product. During its previous field test, the product, in combination with other biocontrol agents showed same efficacy as antibiotics. Subject to successful 2018 field tests, a timeline for EPA approval will be communicated.